Traditional Snake Tattoo | 20 Dangerously Venomous Designs

Traditional Snake Tattoo | 20 Dangerously Venomous Designs

A traditional snake tattoo has a mixture of ferocity and composure. Snakes always bite as a last resort, so they have come to represent calculated power instead of strength for the sake of being strong. We have gathered a whole gallery of viper snake tattoo images, along with the many meanings associated with snake tattoos! If you’re interested in the symbolism of snakes or are cruising for some awesome snake tattoo pictures, read on!

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Snake Symbolism

Snakes represent female strengths and flaws. They can be ferocious guardians, symbols of life and rebirth, bringers of vengeance, and are deeply connected with medicine and wisdom. Rattlesnakes in particular make excellent subjects for tattoos. Their beautiful pattern and their association with the American Revolution (you know, on the “Don’t Tread on Me” flag?) make them a fierce and patriotic symbol.

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Cobra Tattoos

What does a cobra symbolize? Cobras are symbols of power that were first worn by the Egyptians. They had a symbol of a cobra entwined around a staff of papyrus which details the workings of the gods as a way to show the wisdom of the snake. Similarly, the Greeks and Romans used the symbol of a snake twisted around the rod of Asclepius the healing god to indicate doctors and medical professions. The Caduceus, which also has two snakes wrapped around the rod of Hermes, has also come to represent medicine, despite its original meaning. They say that poison in small amounts is just medicine!

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A good cobra tattoo for men would be a king cobra wrapped around the arm. There are also very cool 3D cobra tattoo designs floating around out there, some of which we have gathered here! Snake cross tattoos make good traditional snake tattoos for women, since they tend to be smaller and more subtle. There are so many different species of snake and mythologies associated with them, you are bound to get a unique and amazing tattoo if you stick with snakes!

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