Space Tattoo Ideas | Universally Beautiful Space Tattoos

Space Tattoo Ideas | Universally Beautiful Space Tattoos

In this vast universe of wonder and mystery, space captures the imagination of many. I include myself among them, and I’m incredibly excited to combine that with tattoos today! I go over many different ideas for space tattoos, subjects of space tattoos, styles for space tattoos…really, just everything space tattoos. When we look up at night and see the huge sky of twinkling stars, we feel small in this endless universe. However, a space tattoo connects us to the cosmos, and helps us feel at home in this web of infinite galaxies.

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Space Tattoo Ideas

Narrowing the huge amount of space objects to depict in your tattoo proves difficult, especially for space lovers! The solar system works spectacularly to show off your connection to the worlds around us. Serene comets, dusty galaxies, and colorful nebula all show others your love for space in an instant. Throw in some astronauts, space shuttles, or rockets for added effect. What does space inspire in you? Then, capture that emotion in the design.

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Simple Space Tattoos

Even minimalist space tattoos look spectacular. Solar system tattoos drawn in the old astronomer star chart style show a connection to both space and history. Black and white tattoos of the solar system also remain recognizable—especially with little details like Jupiter’s stripes or Saturn’s rings. Combining them with geometric patterns, artists put a little traditional tattoo work into space tattoos. Black and white also works wonders for space-themed doodles.

For simple space tattoos, skip the flowery clouds and twirling galaxies. Instead, pick a subject, and only show that subject. Seeing as math and astronomy fields intertwine constantly, consider showing a bit of the science behind your subjects. The circles of an orbiting planet, its movement and connection to close bodies, and its relation to the stars all for distinct shapes that really bring out the lines of your tattoo.

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Colorful Space Tattoo Sleeve

No matter your idea for a space tattoo, finding an artist remains your top priority. Every artist in the world uses a different style for space. Some make it realistic, with beautiful swatches of nebula clouds. Others use line work and pretty designs that resemble something from a fairy tale book. Still others throw in vibrant colors and exaggerate the appearance of planets—especially Neo-traditional artists. All of them look awesome, but obviously, you need to seek out the one that matches you most. Honestly, it’s hard to go wrong with space tattoos… Although, to be honest, I might be a little biased.

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Space Tattoo Ideas 3

Space Tattoo Ideas 2

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The Universe of Space Tattoos

I struggle to find the right words to describe the wonders of space, and so do cultures around the world. In Navajo language, hózhóni describes the feeling of living in a sacred and beautiful world. On the other hand, in English, occhiolism describes the feeling of realizing your epic story and tale makes up but a drop on the Earth, and even less in the ocean of the universe. Perhaps the closest word to experiencing the night sky, the Japanese use the word ‘yugen’—to consider the incredible universe around you and feel great emotion. The space tattoos you wear capture the essence of your wonderful epiphanies.

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