Stellar Star Wars Tattoos

When the first Star Wars movie came out in 1977, it captured the hearts of people around the world. Star Wars tattoos are just as innovative as the franchise behind them. The movies did many things differently that became cemented in modern cinematography. I have no idea which contribution is bigger, so I’ll mention two major ones. They introduced the concept of classical music soundtracks, where previously a lyric-based song would be used.

Credit: Travis from Little Pricks Tattoo Studio, Austin


They also defined an era where fantasy elements were accepted by the mainstream. Before Star Wars, fantasy elements like space or magic were thought to disturb or confuse viewers. Obviously, that’s not the case, just like close up shots don’t make us think their heads are cut off. Anyways, let’s take a good look at the art and design that make Star Wars tattoos so spectacular!

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Star Wars Tattoos Ideas

There are loads of ideas to choose from, so let me help narrow it down. First, decide which era of Star Wars you love the most. Do you like the classic trilogy? Perhaps the prequels captured your heart, despite JarJar Binks ruining the screen? Or maybe you like the latest installments funded by Disney! Each one has very iconic designs associated with them.

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For fans of the early Star Wars movies, the main attractions are the creative space ships and interesting technology. The characters also make a huge impact, with the most famous and interesting design resting in Darth Vader himself. For the prequels, you have a little more leeway. I personally think that the podracing aspect of the movies was awesome, even if it didn’t take up too much screen time. Then again, I played the crap out of that Nintendo 64 game. As for characters, Darth Maul is obviously the most popular design. If you want something a little more niche, Queen Padme, JarJar Binks, or Anakin himself might be more your style.


Tattoo designs for the latest installment revolve around simple and minimalistic approaches. Let’s jump straight into what sort of designs I mean!


Simple Star Wars Tattoos

Minimalist Star Wars tattoos often draw from the latest movies, though the some of the symbols themselves appear earlier. The Jedi Order, Galactic Republic, First Order, Galactic Empire, and Rebel Alliance all have unique and recognizable symbols.  Even small Star Wars tattoos show these designs clearly and make for a great introduction to the world of tattoos. Even without the franchise behind them, these neat Star Wars symbol tattoos look great.

Credit: Jacob at Cherry Street Tattoo, Tulsa


Star Wars Tattoo Sleeves

Star Wars offers more than enough content for full-fledged, beautiful tattoo sleeves. On top of offering many unique subjects, you can include a space-themed background that evokes the true mystery of the outer limits of the universe. I don’t recommend using a black background with points of light for the stars, though—unless your tattoo has no color at all. Introducing blues, purples, and maybe even a bit of pink gives the impression of a nebula and makes the sleeve look much brighter and detailed.

Credit: Saga


Feminine Star Wars Tattoos

Looking for a design that suits a more feminine taste? Are typical Star Wars tattoos not lady-like enough for you? Color scheme changes work wonders as far as making feminine tattoos goes. A New School tattoo style looks modern and matches anyone who wants to look stylish. Simple designs do the trick as well. Adding paint splatter or colorful pigments adds to the detail of the piece. Incorporating traditionally female elements, such as a heart, rose, or ribbon will add that feminine oomph while also making your design unique!


Credit: katytattoos

The Best Star Wars Tattoos

If there’s one thing Star Wars lovers can agree on, it’s that the Star Wars universe is full of iconic characters and scenes. What better way to use the iconic than to carry around that icon for the rest of your life? Lots of people will dissuade you from getting a ‘fan’ tattoo since it could certainly be a fad. However, you are the one in charge of your body, and you are the only one that can describe how much you love a design. For a thousand people and then some, they went under the needle and walked out with a permanent picture of something they loved on their bodies. The satisfaction and pride that these people show decades later tips you off that they have one of the best Star Wars tattoos…and you can, too.

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