Stingray Tattoo – The Best Designs and Why You Need Them

Stingray Tattoo – The Best Designs and Why You Need Them

There is nothing more elegant than having an attractive artwork on your body. Tattoos, as forms of artwork, have always fascinated people across all ages. The recent craze about tattoos, are however due to the variety of tattoo designs available with more coming up every single day. With so many designs to choose from, it might be a bit daunting for a newbie to find the best design for yourself. In this article I am going to list a few awesome stingray tattoos design ideas for you.

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Definition of Stingray Tattoos

What are stingray tattoos anyway? Well, stingray designs are basically outlined with gray ink and filled with solid black colors. With detailed outlining and shading, a tattoo artist paints different features and attributes of a stingray. Stingray designs are often worn by people as symbols of protection, speed, nimbleness, etc. There are a lot of different sizes of stingray designs available, however most people prefer to go for large-sized stingray designs only; for this reason, people prefer putting their tattoo on their back.

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Gender-Neutrality of Stingray Tattoos

The great thing about stingray designs is that whether you are a male or female, you can have it. Stingray tattoos look good on both genders. No matter which gender wears it, stingray designs often have one or other kind of symbolic meaning associated with the wearer. These days, anybody can have a stingray design, and they also come in a variety of designs, but did you know that the oldest and most popular of all stingray designs is the tribal stingray tattoo? As the name suggests, the tribal people (mostly those belonging to the Pacific islands) wear it, for whom it is more of a symbol of social rank than a way to enhance physical beauty.

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Stingray Tattoo Meanings

As I already said, these tattoos can have different meanings for different wearers. You should choose your stingray design carefully for this reason. Don’t be rash about getting a stingray design inked on your back without understanding its full meaning and essence. Since stingray designs carry both good and evil connotations, think over it carefully! Ideally you should choose a stingray design that goes well with your personality. If you prefer grace, protection, peace, friendship, etc., then your choice of tattoos would be drastically different from someone who prefers evil, poison, danger, stealth, etc.


Likewise, there are specific stingray tattoo designs available for the highly emotional and sensitive persons. If you love being in water, your tattoo design can symbolize some kind of waterbody, such as river, ocean or aquatic creatures such as fish, starfish, dolphins, sharks, octopus etc. It can even be something as simple as a water bubble tattoo!



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