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It might be winter in the north, but the beach is still the place to go! What better way to spend your sweet vacation time than showing off a new tattoo? At the very least, designing a stomach tattoo can take your mind off the snow falling outside. In this week’s article, let’s talk all about stomach tattoos! Men and women alike can enjoy designs in the area, although women will have to be particularly careful about the design area of your upper stomachs (or ‘the underboob zone’ ).





Stomach Tattoos Pain

Do stomach tattoos hurt? The short answer is yes. The long answer is that it depends on your own constitution. Be sure to keep up on skin care—which means getting all your daily vitamins—and stay well hydrated. Don’t go in hungover, or it will hurt even more than usual (read: How to prepare for a Tattoo). The stomach area contains many nerve endings, and the count gets higher the closer you get to the center of your chest. Even those familiar with tattooing may find it a little uncomfortable. That being said, you can get your tattoo in multiple sessions and request anesthetic cream if needed. I promise your artist keeps some in stock.





Lower Stomach Tattoos

Lower stomach tattoos hurt a little less than central stomach tattoos, so starting there might be best for large tattoos. People can see your lower stomach any time your stretch or wear a short shirt, but the tattoo remains hidden otherwise. This makes the area both a public art gallery and an intimate portrait of your individuality.

stomach-tattoos-12 Lower Stomach Tattoos


stomach-tattoos-10 Lower Stomach Tattoos

Side Stomach Tattoos

Side-stomach tattoos take advantage of the large, curved area to create 3D images. Designs with clear linework or realistic, colorful shading work well in this area. You will have to take the time to look at your design from many angles before getting it done. Try to avoid ‘cutting off’ important elements of the design when looking at it from angles you deem important. Personally, I would optimize the view from the side, rather than your front or back.


stomach-tattoos-8 Lower Stomach Tattoos



Stomach Tattoos to Cover Scars

These tattoos are much more than accessories to show off—they are works of art and helpful tools! Stomach tattoos to cover stretch marks from pregnancy, weight loss, weight gain, and more help to boost your self-confidence and enable you to show off your midriff like never before. Tattoo artists can also use stomach designs to cover tummy tuck scars, burn scars, and c-section cuts. For those of you that believe that scars are a symbol of strength (and I’m one of them!), you can also choose a stomach tattoo that complements the markings you already have.

stomach-tattoos-5 Lower Stomach Tattoos

stomach-tattoos-6 Lower Stomach Tattoos


Whether you are fishing for ideas, thinking about getting a tattoo, or just appreciating the inked art, InkDoneRight has all the designs you need. So while you sit inside your house enjoying some warm cider and adult coloring books, be sure to check out these hot stomach tattoos that will warm you right up!



stomach-tattoos-3 Lower Stomach Tattoos



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