Sunflower Tattoo

Sunflower Tattoo

The intricate pattern of sunflower seeds and petals make them an exotic flower tattoo—at least if you’re living outside of the Americas! Where I live, they are a dime a dozen, and they flood the roadside in the late summer months. Looking at a whole field of them is amazing, especially since the flower heads line up to optimize their sun exposure. Full of unique sunflower tattoos, this gallery should inspire you and teach you way more about this flower than you ever thought possible!





Sunflower Meaning

Time for some sunflower facts! Despite their international adoration, sunflowers originated in the Americas and began as a source of both beauty and food. A sunflower tattoo meaning ranges from affection, nourishment, life, happiness, and loyalty. Of course, sunflower tattoos carry special and unique meaning given to them by their wearers. Plenty of people call this July-blooming flower their birth flower, and Kansas even made it their state flower!




Sunflower and bee tattoos bring together two different characters that love to dance together in the real world. In late summer, you can see these beautiful flowers turning towards the sun and bees darting between them to harvest their pollen. Sunflowers and bees also have something amazing in common! They both emulate something called the Fibonacci sequence. If you add the one and two, you get another Fibonacci number (3). Now add that Fibonacci number with the one before it (2), and you get another number (5). Keep doing that, and you get the Fibonacci sequence. The number of grandparents a particular bee can have matches the Fibonacci sequence, along with the number of seeds spiraling around a sunflower. Sunflowers and bees make great math geek tattoos!




Sunflower Quotes

“Keep your face to the sunshine & you cannot see the shadow. It’s what the sunflowers do.” This lovely quote from the strangest of sources, Hellen Keller, rings true. You won’t see anything good in life if you don’t look for it. Quotes about sunflowers in the bible don’t exist—mostly because there’s no way someone in the Middle East could ever see a flower from the Americas back then. However, you can find plenty of quotes about sunlight, daylight, flowers, and happiness; People also have a lot to say about sunflowers!




Small Flower Tattoos

Small sunflower tattoos fit comfortably on any part of your body. While you might want to get just the bloom of the flower, the stalk is just as iconic as the flower. Just the bloom itself shines like the sun all on its own, but the stalks of these flowers grow over 6 feet tall—and you can trust me on that, since they grew like weeds where I was raised. If you want a vertical, small sunflower tattoo—think about squeezing it in as an elegant vine tattoo. Otherwise, the small face of the sunflower can brighten up any area you want inked.





Black and White Sunflower

Even without color, the sunflower shines with its recognizable shapes. The numerous seeds spiraling from the center and countless petals on the edge of the bulb look completely unlike any other flower. A sunflower outline tattoo lasts longer than a watercolor sunflower tattoo, since the color won’t bleed or fade over time. Using just the outline gives you a chance to focus on the structure of the flower rather than its connection to the sun. On its own, the flower looks mesmerizing, almost as if you plucked it from some magical forest and took it home with you. The spiral shapes and infinite petals also provide a unique way to blend the tattoo in with tribal or modern tattoos.




Color sunflowers have their own charm, though. The petals of sunflowers represent happiness not just because the sunflower is happy to follow the sun, but also because the color yellow is associated with happiness across the globe. The earthy browns of the flower’s seeds connect it to plant life, and provide a delicate balance between heavenly and earthly symbolism.





When the flowers grow to maturity, their movement stops, and they permanently face east. This way, they warm up quickly in the morning and draw lots of pollinators towards them. When looking at life, we all need to grow like sunflowers. Constantly seeking both what is right and what makes us happy, we may change our direction many times as we grow. Eventually, we know where to throw our faith and patience even when there’s no proof something good will come of it. Like the sunflowers greet the sun each morning after a long night, we should hold fast and stay true to our values in order to find the happiness at the end of dark times.



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