8 Amazing Facts About Tattoo Aftercare Coconut Oil

Have you ever wanted to try coconut oil for tattoo aftercare? Coconut oil works great for many other types of skin ailments. It contains a high amount of vitamins that your skin absorbs directly—plus, the biological oil of a living plant beats out cosmetic products derived from artificial oils, as far as your skin is concerned. So, if you use tattoo aftercare coconut oil, will you see a difference? Is it better than normal tattoo aftercare lotion? We’ll go over all that and more in today’s article!


1) A Little Bit Goes a Long Way

You only need a smidgen of coconut oil (or cream) to cover a large area of your skin. This makes it an incredibly affordable and natural way to care for your skin. Of course, you need a bit more when you cook to bring out that flavor, but for skin you can be conservative.


2) Bioavailable Proteins Help Your Skin Heal

Is it safe to use coconut oil on a tattoo? Not only is it safe, but it’s vastly beneficial! Bio-available proteins in coconut oil help your skin heal very quickly. An actual doctor would probably go on an hour-long spiel about how good this stuff is, but I’ll give the basics here. Even after your tattoo heals, the effect of coconut oil on your tattooed skin is obvious. Your tattoo becomes bright and beautiful underneath it!


3) Provides a Natural Disinfectant

When consumed, lauric fatty acids act as a natural disinfectant that goes easy on the healthy bacteria that you ought to have. Rather than destroying everything in its path, it only hurts foreign bacteria that have no place in your body. In topical application, it has antibacterial and anti-fungal properties that prevent infection from taking hold or spiraling out of control.

Tattoo Aftercare Coconut Oil

4) Huge Number of Uses Outside of Tattoo Aftercare

Coconut oil has an absolutely massive list of potential uses. Other than working as tattoo aftercare oil, it also works as a natural body scrub when you combine it with common corrosive materials in the pantry, it removes makeup, it conditions your hair with a beautiful sheen, and it works great in cooking. I am certain you can find your own uses for it, too!


5) Moisturizes Damaged Skin

Does coconut oil fade tattoos? Nope, quite the opposite! Coconut tattoo ointment moisturizes skin and keeps new tattoos from drying out and flaking excessively. That makes it a spectacular tattoo ointment! Occasionally, it works so well that you can skip the numbing cream during the itching and flaking stage of your healing tattoo!


6) Easy on Sensitive Skin

When it comes to allergies, aftercare products (and cosmetic products in general) pose a huge risk. Thanks to its single ingredient, coconut oil rarely causes unexpected allergic reaction. If you’re old enough to get a tattoo, you’re old enough to know whether or not you are allergic to coconut. Adding to that, if you have sensitive skin in general, you should give coconut oil a try for any of your skincare needs. It contains none of the normal irritants like paraben or lanolin!

Tattoo Aftercare Coconut Oil

7) Ethical Aftercare Option

Vegans, rejoice! Ethical aftercare is difficult to find, since you have to look for both products that skip animal ingredients and products that skip animal testing. Thankfully, coconut oil is a natural compound that requires no animal products or testing. Seek out brands that grow sustainable coconut trees to ensure you do your best for the world around you.


8) Vitamins Crucial to Skin Health

So, is it safe to use coconut oil on a tattoo? Coconut oil, tattoo ink, and blood seem like a really weird mix, after all! Using coconut oil on tattoos speeds up the aftercare process by providing essential vitamins directly to your skin. Because the compounds in coconut oil are bio-available (easily absorbed by your skin), they can provide support directly! Vitamin E is the main source of benefits and works to prevent scarring.


Recommended Tattoo Aftercare Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is a basic ingredient in all sorts of fields, so it doesn’t actually matter if you get it from your local grocery store or online. However, if you do want a recommendation or need to find an ethical and organic brand, then this is the one that works best for you.


Viva Naturals Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil

This is straight-up coconut oil with zero refinement and preserved through pressure alone. That means it contains no artificial ingredients that mess with your skin. It’s so pure, you can actually use it to bake pastries or stir up some tasty Thai dishes! It is grown and imported straight from the Philippines, which has very fertile volcanic soil to give the amount of vitamins a little extra boost. If you are particularly concerned about whether or not this is organic (which is quite a responsible thing to be), then rest assured that this is USDA-certified organic. In other words, it’s non-hydrogenated, contains no peanuts, tree nuts, bleach, pesticides, gluten, and so on and so forth. It’s quite safe.


Depending on your location, you may end up with oil or cream when you receive it. That’s because the natural ‘melting’ point of this oil is 76*F—in other words, standard room temperature. It will melt in your fingers when you use it on your skin, so don’t worry about heating it up if you end up with a solid block. If you prefer solid cream, then throw it in your fridge or a chilly area of the house. I find it easier to apply oil, though.



Using Natural Tattoo Aftercare Coconut Oil

Normal tattoo aftercare cream contains a lot of artificial ingredients to assist you in your healing process. However, that doesn’t render coconut oil tattoo aftercare useless or redundant. Coconut oil for tattoo aftercare is a natural, organic, and ethical way to care for your healing skin. Vegans who might have difficulty finding completely animal-free products can rejoice in this particular tattoo aftercare ointment.

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