Tattoo Convention Brussels Belgium 2017

The International Brussels Tattoo Convention 2017

Kamila Burzymowska once again collected some amazing photos of the International Brussels Tattoo Convention 2017 for us! This convention represents one of the largest in Europe and—despite its nearly nonexistent marketing team—artists from around the world know about it and flock to its stalls. This year marked record attendance, with many artists even turning away clients due to high demand! Naturally, this meant some amazing tattoos came out of the convention.



Brussels Tattoo Convention 2017

The people also brought some amazing designs with them to the convention. Wearing amazing costumes and beautiful hair colors, many ladies showed off their spectacular tats wherever they walked! Men wore tank tops or short sleeves to match—and those that forgot to dress appropriately even cut off their sleeves! As with every tattoo convention, the people make up half the show, and tattoo watching at Brussels was amazing.


With amazing stage performances, a huge amount of professional artists, and aisles packed with people, the tattoo convention did have one downside. The bathroom! Singular. At least they kept it clean! Many people also disliked the amount of people crowding the convention. Other than that claustrophobia, the journey left an amazing impression on everyone who visited. The con also provided larger aisles than usual, but the sheer amount of people swamped the place.

For the stage performance, several women in some exquisite leather costumes arrived with flaming scythes. Combined with flaming crosses, pipes of flame, and an excellent sense of movement, these ladies awed with their pyrotechnics. Of course, many artists spent too much time filling out orders at their booth to experience the show, but visitors enjoyed the spectacle!


Convention Artists

As for contest winners, Rich Harris, Sergio Enekas, and Emilie B won the best in show of each convention day. Chris Papadakis brought the best American old school style, Paulo Altomare detailed the most amazing Asian style tattoos, Jurgis Mikalauskas painted the best large color, and Tsoie dominated the large black and gray scene. Other winners include Karan Sarin with best blackwork, Jay freestyle with best graphic design, Roberta da Silva with best small black and gray, and Oash Rodriguez with best small color. Overall, Jay Freestyle won best in show with his intricate and amazing tattoos. Each one showed off his amazing talent and understanding of our unique art medium.

The next convention takes place on November 11th, 2018, and I highly recommend attending! Bring your best clothes—ones without sleeves, of course—and save a space on your skin for something new and spectacular.  This convention blows everything out of the water and I put this at the top of the can’t-miss list of tattoo conventions!

In the end, this con brought a whole new generation of people together to appreciate the wonderful Inked World of tattoo art. We can’t thank photographer Kamila Burzymowska enough for snapping these pictures and sharing her wonderful experience at the convention! Check out her Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, or official website for more awesome pictures of the tattoo scene.

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