Tattoo Convention Warsaw Poland 2017

Tattoo Convention Warsaw, Poland 2017

The start of October marked the entrance of Autumn with one of the world’s biggest tattoo conventions! The Warsaw Tattoo Convention took place in its titular city, attracting people to Poland from across the globe. Over 250 artists from around the globe attended to display, with many more artists arriving as visitors to look over the latest fashions of our trade. With a plethora of concerts, panels, performances, workshops, and even activities for kids, Warsaw definitely fulfilled everyone’s desires this year.

In case you missed the big party, the amazing Kamila Burzymowska has you covered with these breathtaking images from the con. From quirky to intimate, wild to traditional, these tattoos show off the wide range of artistic movements in the tattoo industry. This glimpse into the ever-changing art of tattoo inking lets us all take something new home. Sit back, relax, and check out the amazing images and stories straight from the Oberon 3D Warsaw Tattoo Convention!

All-star Artists Journey to the Con

The call for artists resounded across the globe. Artists like Sandra Cunha and Fredao Oliveira flew in from Brazil—all the way across the globe! Ho Rikaka brought traditional Japanese Irezumi to the convention, while Saga Anderson brought her advanced coloring techniques all the way from Canada. Alongside artists from around the world, nearly every tattoo artist in Poland showed up—except, of course, whoever was left to tend to the shop. In all, more than 250 arrived at the scene for Warsaw’s biggest tattoo party!

Whole families went with a few of the artists, since the Warsaw Tattoo Convention boasts activities for kids! On top of that, everyone under 13 years old received free admission. This gave everyone an opportunity to expose their family to the wonderful world of tattoo art! On top of its accessibility for people of all ages, it also shows off tattoos from people of all cultures and locales. In sum, visiting Warsaw Tattoo Convention feels like taking a step into a foreign and exciting world where only art matters!

Amazing Convention Tattoos

As you see from these wonderful images by Kamila, the convention brought together all kinds of tattoo styles. Amazing realistic pieces happened right next to neo-traditional tattoos. Watercolor tattoos, black outlines, and traditional color pigment techniques created a huge variety of final pieces. One tattoo shows the hooded, one-eyed Odin with one of his ravens, while another shows the exchange of life and death during a tiger’s hunt. Surreal tattoos with impossible anatomy contrasted geometric and tribal tattoos.

My favorite among them all isn’t revolutionary, but it is neat-looking! A woman lit below by pink wears some sort of unicorn headdress—and said unicorn shows off the cosmos in its fur! With a limited color scheme, this artist combined surreal, geometrical, and watercolor techniques to make a fantastic tattoo. At the same time, I clearly show a bias: space is up there on my list of cool things.

Inspiring Exhibitions

Their most amazing exhibit focused on the tales of Maui, a Polynesian demigod that features in the Disney movie Moana. Of course, in Poland, it’s called Vaiana: The Treasure of the Ocean to avoid a few cultural issues. Known for his ability to hook the sun, pull up islands from the sea, and generally get up to mischief, this demigod also features a whole slew of tribal tattoos in the most traditional sense all over his body. Everyone at the shop created their own talisman to keep them safe and bring them closer to the living world around us, just like the one Moana received! On top of that, Banana-Ink provided an area where kids can practice tattooing on banana peels. Who would let a kid go crazy on real skin, after all?

On top of Maui, several other characters in the movie carried traditional tribal tattoos. Moana’s grandmother carried a manta ray on her back, while one poor soul underwent the painstaking tattoo process during the early part of the movie. Several artists used this traditional ethnic tattoo method—called hand tapping—throughout the convention. We cover traditional Polynesian tattoos in a few of our articles, including the technique, meaning, and history behind them.

The Future of the Warsaw Tattoo Convention

From October 6-8th, tattoo lovers from around the world shared their awesome art and culture. People walked home with new insight of the world around them…and some new tattoos! Alongside performers, singers, and musicians, illusionists took over the stage and created an amazing show for everyone. Food trucks arrived en masse to feed everyone, jewelers showed up to expand the body modification scene, and Oberon 3D showed off their cool machines. After all, Oberon 3D sponsored the whole thing.

In the end, this con brought a whole new generation of people together to appreciate the wonderful Inked World of tattoo art. We can’t thank photographer Kamila Burzymowska enough for snapping these pictures and sharing her wonderful experience at the convention! Check out her Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, or official website for more awesome pictures of the tattoo scene.

As always, thanks for reading! For more information on the convention itself, look at its official homepage!



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