Tattoo Games

Tattoo Games

Giving children an introduction to tattoos is pretty easy—you can show them some tattoo games! Now, I’m not recommending you convince a kid that tattoos are required to be cool, but it is an interesting part of body art. Alongside henna tattoos, face painting, finger painting, and all kinds of art, tattoo games are a way to introduce art to your child without risking anything. If you have no children, but a new tattoo artist looking for ways to enhance your skill, tattoo games aren’t the worst place to start. There are several semi-realistic games that you can play that help you steady your hand—which is fundamental for the best tattoo. In today’s article, we’re going over a few different kinds of tattoo games, along with a few related games.

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Tattoo Games for Kids

If you just search Google for tattoo games, you will find tons! Most so-called tattoo games are secretly face painting games, and that might be for the best! It is very simple to make working tattoo guns or figure out how to ink, so these unrealistic games keep the magic of tattoos from entering your house way too early. At the same time, these tattoo games allow kids to explore a world of art that involves the body. It allows them to get comfortable with their body as an expression of themselves. You can get them some fake tattoos to accompany the game, for some added fun! You can find fake tattoos in any place you can find stickers—they are either shoved with the craft section or with the Hallmark cards.

The face painting games have automatically filled areas that a kid can swish their cursor over. The areas fill in perfectly with colors, but the colors can be selected and customized in high quality games. If you are a teacher or a parent, I would advise against keeping speakers plugged into the computer—they often have thirty second clips of Disney themes or cartoon songs that…well, they get annoying after the first five loops.



If they’re not based on face painting, then they will be more like a stamp application. Like the face painting ones, you simply choose a pattern and fill it in. Unlike the face painting ones, these tattoos can be placed in select areas of the body—usually the hands, arms, or face. There is sometimes a tracing element involved, allowing kids to feel like they are actually designing the tattoo. Unfortunately, the tracing is a very crude connect-the-dots that magically turns into a different design when completed, so if you want to teach kids how to draw, you might be better off with an actual connect-the-dots or drawing booklet.

Finding tattoo games for boys—or just games that have a boy avatar—might be a little difficult, but I promise they’re out there. has a few that you can use, although they have a bunch of fashion aspects as well.

For every type of tattoo game, they have an option to print out the result. Your kid can show off their picture to others and learn how to draw their new character in art class. It’s a good way to promote bonding, cooperation, and artistry among classmates. Some kids may even opt for a silly character. The tattoo games themselves don’t use actual tattoo designs, and instead focus on stencils that resemble fake tattoos! Some of them even add glitter. It wouldn’t be very hard to find a matching fake tattoo online, to have a little fun learning about art!




Another activity you can do with your kid is teach them about face painting. Stencils can be made at home, although you will have to handle the knife yourself. Once the stencils are made, you can reuse them infinitely—or until someone breaks them, at least. All you need to make beautiful face painting designs are sponges, non-toxic paints, and some good paintbrushes! Start with a lighter color and use the sponges to create a gradient with the next, darker color. Use the paint brush to add accents in any color you want! As with all art supplies, you should monitor your kids for fifteen minutes after they first come in contact with a new color or medium. Although you are using non-toxic ingredients, some children can have an allergic reaction to certain colors or mixes. Fifteen minutes of waiting is the general rule of thumb for face painting stands, and it also allows the paint to dry!


Tattoo Games for Artists

For more realistic games, Tattoo Artist actually emulates the tattooing process. You still have to trace over designs, but it isn’t connect the dots—you can mess up and go outside of the lines if you’re not careful! These games require a steady hand and decent mouse-wielding abilities. Unfortunately, they sometimes include a ‘nerves’ meter that will shake the mouse, which isn’t particularly fun. After outlining the design, you can go ahead and color in the design. Different difficulties allow for more or less leniency when it comes to the pain tolerance of the client or the accuracy of your lines.



While it’s not perfectly realistic, these games can at least help you learn to steady your hand and be patient while tattooing. These are both critical skills to tattoo artists. It might help if you grab a tablet to play the games with—that way, you can fill in the lines and colors realistically! Unfortunately, there is nothing with pen sensitivity support yet, but I’m sure those games are on the way.

If you find yourself with just a craving for games, tattoo games are a decent starting point. Surgery games are very similar, giving the player an opportunity to steady their hand and deal with pressure. Surgery Simulator is my favorite game for this type of stuff, although the controls are chaotic and could frustrate children.



Cooking games build on the customization and creativity aspect of tattoo games, and they also might spark a cooking craze in real life! Whether you play tattoo games or something else, be sure to relax and find something you enjoy. Games are about having fun, and with tattoo games, you can turn it into having fun with the family or having contests with your friends to see who can get the highest score!

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