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What are the Best Tattoo Places for You?

You have the perfect tattoo design. It has a bunch of significant meaning to you, and you have wanted it since you were a kid! You’ve spoken to all of your friends about it, and they all agree it’s perfect for you. But where on earth are you going to get it? Choosing between the different common tattoo places is a task in and of itself. There are a lot of things to consider, such as how frequently people will see it, what kind of impression that location gives off, how painful it is to get a tattoo in that location, and how much space is available to even get a tattoo on. We’re going to cover all of this today, making it a little easier for you to decide.

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Best Places to Get a Tattoo

First, let’s talk about the best places to get a tattoo. This location really depends on how large you want your tattoo to be, as well as how visible you want it to be to others. For large tattoos, you have a limited range of options. The most obvious place for a large tattoo is your back, which is also easily visible to everyone else. It’s a good place to show off that sweet tattoo you have, but aftercare might be a little more difficult than you anticipate. If you get a back tattoo, make sure you have a friend that can help you out with cleaning and caring for it as it heals. The chest is easier to care for and has just as much space, but I can’t recommend it like I would the back. It can be very painful getting a tattoo near the collar bone, sternum area, rib cage, or stomach—which means that you should only get tattoos in these areas if you know you can stomach a little pain.

You could also get an arm or leg sleeve, which has an impressive amount of surface area, despite being curved. These areas are much easier to care for and—if needed—to hide from others. The only disadvantage to them is that these tattoo places are curved, limiting the amount of the design that people can see at one time. With a clever tattoo artist, this can be worked around—they can make sure that the design looks complete, no matter what angle it is viewed from!

For smaller tattoos, you have a much larger variety to choose from. The inner wrist is the most popular choice, since it’s easily visible in day-to-day life, people who see it will also see the details or words, and it’s easy to disguise with long sleeves or arm bands. On the outside of the arm, on the back of the shoulder, on the ankle, and on the lower back are all good tattoo places that are a little more subtle.

Although they aren’t the most noticeable places, you can also get tattoos behind your ear, on your ear, on your fingers, on your hand, or on your feet. Other tattoo places that are a little bit painful include your inner arm, inner thigh, neck, collarbone, ribcage, and face. While these places are a little unconventional, they might be the perfect place for your design!

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Most Painful Tattoo Places

As promised, we’re also going over the most painful tattoo places. Pain during the tattoo process is very common, but those with very high pain tolerance, increased muscle, or increased fat will not have as much trouble with these areas. It varies from person to person, so getting your first tattoo in one of these places is not recommended. Despite this, they do make excellent tattoo places.

Getting a tattoo near your armpit or crotch area is a recipe for disaster. These areas have no muscle or fat to block out the sensation of the tattoo. By extension, the inner thigh, back of the knee, and the inner arm are also very difficult places to get a tattoo. At the same time, these areas can complete a sleeve, so it’s worth it to bite through the pain if you want that completed image. If you’re worried about the pain, tell your tattoo artist about it, and maybe he will start in the most painful places possible. While that sounds terrible, the idea is that the pain will only lessen over time. You don’t have to spend the whole tattoo session anxious about the painful part!

Other tattoo locations that you might not normally associate with pain are the hands, fingers, feet, elbows, and knees. These tattoos are particularly painful for the same reason as the locations above—there are a large amount of nerve endings, but no muscle to absorb them. These are also excellent tattoo places, and they aren’t very large, so if you are feeling brave, I won’t stop you from getting a tattoo in these locations! A more unconventional location for your tattoo is the eyelid or eye itself—and trust me, those areas are painful!

As a general rule, anywhere with very little muscle between vitals or bone will be a very painful place to get a tattoo at. You can use this rule for any tattoo places that I have neglected to mention. This is why the ribcage and sternum area are particularly painful—the body resists packing on weight in the upper area, while the lower area houses all of your important organs, so the entire area is very sensitive to any kind of pain and filled with nerve endings.

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No matter where you get your tattoo, it should be a place you feel comfortable with. Whether you are choosing a tattoo place to avoid pain, choosing a tattoo place to show off, or choosing a tattoo place that is convenient to hide during work hours, every location on your skin is fair game. As with choosing a design, make sure the location suits you before going in to get a tattoo! If you are still unsure of a good location after reading this article, be sure to consult your tattoo artist.

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