Tattoo Shops in Las Vegas

Tattoo Shops in Las Vegas

Las Vegas is a haven for international tourism, drawing in people from all over the world with its intense night life. Lights fill the city at all hours, restaurants and casinos remain open at all hours, and there are plenty of people there on the streets to make sure you have a good time. It’s filled with so much life that people-watching is one of its biggest entertainment factors. With a crowd so varied, it’s hard to pull your eyes away from watching those around you. The Strip is Las Vegas’s biggest attraction, with a huge digital marquee that highlights some awesome and entertaining shows. Las Vegas brags on its official site that ‘What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas,’ ensuring that the city is seen as an escape. But, despite its prevalence in tourism brochures, you can actually take something home with you. You can bring back a tattoo.

In between buffet cruising and losing all your money at the casinos, be sure to check out the tattoo scene. Las Vegas has some of the best tattoo shops in the world, and all of them are ready to give you a special souvenir, should you visit. Here are some tips for finding the best tattoo shops in Las Vegas and getting the best artists.


tattoo shops in las vegas


24 Hour Tattoo Shops in Las Vegas

Make sure that you are sobered up and have a morning or afternoon set aside for the procedure, since good tattoos can take a while to dispense. Most tattoo artists will refuse guests that are tipsy, drunk, or otherwise inebriated. This prevents a regretful customer from storming back demanding a refund or suing them, so it’s in everyone’s best interest that everyone is sober. The best 24-hour tattoo shops in Las Vegas are listed below, along with their specialties:

  • Precious Slut IV – One of the most famous 24-hour tattoo shops, this company became popular through word-of-mouth alone. Their customer interactions and high quality tattoos has made them famous.
  • Crown Electric Tattoo Co – This store is closed between 6AM-10AM, but that might as well be 24 hours. This store is family owned and operated and has piercing services alongside tattoo services. They have a variety of artists and always have deals and discounts going on.
  • Executive Tattoo Lounge – Offers recent tattoo styles, custom tattoos, full shade, monochrome tattoos, and blacklight tattoos. They always use new and modern techniques when giving tattoos.
  • Girlz Ink – This store specializes in ‘permanent makeup.’ Artists have trained for years to master color application, fine lines, blending, and more to give their tattoos a beautiful and magical appeal.
  • Sin City Ink Tattoo – This place is an excellent location to get a unique tattoo, since it boasts more than 20 artists and has piercing services alongside their tattoo services. It’s also close to the Las Vegas strip, making it easily accessible.

This list is accurate as of September 2015.


Downtown Tattoo Las Vegas

Downtown Tattoo is arguably the most famous Las Vegas tattoo shop. They’ve only had their shop open since 2008, but they have already gathered enough clientele to be famous worldwide. Their artists have over 35 years of experience, which means they can give incredibly high quality tattoos at their store. They’ve been voted the best tattoo shop ever…every single year they’ve been open. That’s the story, anyways. Their Yelp rating is a solid 5 stars, with more than 94 reviews vouching for them.

The store houses six artists, each with their own style. You can schedule an appointment or simply ask for walk-in appointment—they’ll help you no matter what! They aren’t 24-hours, but they are open every day at 12PM. They close once they have finished all of their work, apparently. The shop is also named appropriately, since it’s right in the middle of downtown Las Vegas. It’s easy to get to for anyone in the city.


downtown tattoo
Downtown Tattoo Las Vegas


Tattoo Prices Las Vegas

Tattoo artists normally work for $75 an hour, so your tattoo price will vary depending on how long it takes to do. Sin City Ink has been kind enough to provide a guide for how long it takes to do each kind of tattoo. Small tattoos will cost between $100-$140. Tattoos the size of a CD will cost between $200-$280. A half sleeve goes between $600-$800, a full sleeve takes between $1100-$1500, and a full back tattoo costs at least $1800, but can go much higher. Of course, the actual rate of the artist can change depending on the size of the tattoo, and the time it takes depends on the detail that you want. The rate can also be more or less expensive depending on individual store procedures. Some stores that might have more modern machines will charge more, since upkeep is expensive.

Tattoos in Las Vegas are more expensive than usual, but it’s also a hub for advanced tattoo artists. You’re getting served by some of the best tattoo artists in the world, so of course it will be a little expensive. If you go out of your way to find a cheap artist in the area, you will likely be given a cheap tattoo. Since tattoos are permanent, it’s worth dishing out a little extra dough to ensure that you have an excellent artist to draw your tattoo for you in a nice, safe environment. Wouldn’t you rather pay $100 to have a doctor see you than $20 to have the man down the street give you some aspirin? Just as you would want a professional to heal you, you want a professional tattoo artist to give you the best tattoo!

Before you get your tattoo in Las Vegas, make sure you are prepared. Have a good idea in mind, discuss it with the artist, and be sure to scour their portfolio of past tattoos to make sure they are capable of giving you the product you want. Once you get home, you can show off your tattoo and brag that you managed to take something home from Vegas.


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