Tattoo Sleeve Ideas For Men & Women

Tattoo sleeves are a huge investment of both time and money. Not only do they cost more than the typical tattoo, they take up a large amount of realty on your skin. Because of this, their design really has to go the distance. Sleeve designs have to be specially crafted for the location. Despite the small area that an arm takes up in our vision, arm sleeves are the fourth largest location for a tattoo, after chest tattoos, back covers, and leg sleeves. The relative lack of hair in the upper arm area allows for arm sleeves to have more visual detail than leg sleeves. The smooth skin also goes a long way to helping artists stretch the skin and create the perfect image, although a few sensitive areas make it more difficult for you unless you use a bit of lidocaine cream. In today’s article, we’re going to talk about tattoo sleeve ideas! We have a gallery of dozens of designs to inspire you, as well as some specific ideas for different types of sleeves.


Half Tattoo Sleeve Ideas

Half sleeves often cover the shoulder and part of the chest, along with the upper arm. This is a traditional tattoo location among Polynesian cultures, since it is so visually striking. Half sleeve designs are usually designed in a square space, with some kind of ‘connecting’ feature that allows the tattoo design to merge with a chest tattoo. The connecting feature can be a tribal sun, a large rose, a skull…you name it! Half sleeves are also a good choice if you’re not sure what your full sleeve will look like yet. Plus, you only need to use a little tattoo numbing cream compared what you would need for a full sleeve. Look for an artist with tattoo chairs that make tattoo sleeves a more comfortable process!

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Tattoo Sleeve Ideas for Men

If you are looking for tattoo sleeve ideas for men, go no further. Common masculine symbols include lions, skulls, swallows, anchors, and roses. Does the ‘roses’ part surprise you? Roses became a staple of tattoos for men when Sailor Jerry tattoos became popular among sailors. They can be combined with knives or pin-ups to create a classic Sailor Jerry tattoo. If you are a body builder, tribal tattoos can accent muscles that you already have and make them pop. Keep in mind that body building can stretch skin, so you should get your tattoo when you feel that you are at a shape you want to maintain. Furthermore, tattoo lotion helps keep your tattoo from changing shape or fading in the long run.


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Women’s Sleeve Tattoos

Sleeve tattoos are an excellent way of showing off your natural form. Colorful and bright tattoos draw the attention of others towards your tattoo and make you the center of attention. Flowers are the obvious choice for colorful objects, but butterflies and sugar skulls also make excellent feminine sleeve tattoos. Birds and stars can give an adventurous first impression to those around you, while a large landscape scene can show off your artistic and intimate side. Lay down on a nice tattoo table and let your artist do their stuff!

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Tattoo Sleeve Themes

When picking a theme for your tattoo, you should go with one you are personally attached to. Some example tattoo sleeve themes include a luscious rose garden, a traditional tribal tattoo sleeve, a Sailor Jerry tattoo sleeve, and an ancient Japanese assortment of Yokai. Of course, you don’t have to pick from any of those. What matters is that your own personality is expressed through these tattoos. When looking through these tattoo sleeve ideas, try to find symbols or art styles that match your character and charisma. Once you are inspired, you are well on your way to gaining a new art piece for yourself!


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