Tattooed Eyebrows

Tattooed Eyebrows

Eyebrows are one of our main forms of communication. Sometimes, eyebrows say a lot more than words when we react to the world around us. We use our expressions to communicate virtually every emotion, from grief, to anger, to surprise, and more. Of course, we can also manipulate our eyebrows to show a false expression. I know I do when I need to open a present in front of someone! A person’s eyebrows are usually the first thing we notice when we look at them, but tattooed eyebrows are another story. Many tattooed eyebrows can pop out, but most stay in a subtle range of noticeability.

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Today, let’s talk about a variety of tattooed eyebrows, ways you can use eyebrow tattoos to emulate the look of actual eyebrows, and ways to accent your natural eyebrows using some awesome tattoo designs. With over 20 of the best tattooed eyebrows, let’s start!

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Permanent Makeup Eyebrows

In many Southwest cultures, shaving your eyebrows is commonplace. Usually, people draw on eyebrows with makeup for a custom look. This allows you to manipulate your expressions to some degree and decide which look is right for you, without your genetics getting in the way. Some people took the next logical step and tattooed their favorite eyebrows on. With constant waxing, the hair doesn’t grow back and ruin the image of your custom eyebrows. These tattoos look so realistic, it sometimes takes weeks to noticeare also so hard to notice that you might find yourself finding out about them weeks after you’ve met someone with tattooed eyebrows!

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Makeup tattoos take a variety of different shapes, sizes, and colors—and so do tattoos! Many tattooed eyebrows serve the exact same function as makeup. The tattoos darken the natural area of your hair and provide a smooth, clearly visible expression. Other tattoos create a gradient of color along your natural eyebrows to create a softer and more colorful expression. Others still use a single small line within your eyebrows to give the eyebrows a little more form, while still appearing natural.

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Some of the best permanent makeup eyebrows forgo the natural look entirely and opt for a more surreal look. It’s possible to have any eyebrows you want, after all—so why not take the opportunity to dye your hair a chaotic color and have matching eyebrows? Well done tattooed eyebrows look the same as real eyebrows. So, it truly is an option if you would like to adopt an outlandish look. The appearance of the woman in our first image is absolutely dazzling, despite not having any natural hair colors at all!

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3D Eyebrow Tattoos

There are many people who, through one way or another, find a way to lose their eyebrows. It can be from the trials of chemotherapy, or it might be because of a decision in their youth to wax off their eyebrows and draw them on every day. For those looking to gain back their main means of expression, many tattoo artists have developed different styles of 3D eyebrow tattoos. These tattoos completely imitate real tattoos—down to the natural hairs of the body!

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First, these tattoo artists look at an older picture of you, or a picture of someone with a similar brow structure and desirable eyebrows. Then, they go ahead and fill in the form of your eyebrows using a watercolor gradient. Next, they go in and create hair-like lines that are as thin as possible. Some artists can do lines that are less than a millimeter in width! Lastly, they add shadow-like lines that accent the lighter, colored lines of the eyebrows. This allows the eyebrows to pop and resemble true eyebrows.

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It’s true that someone can walk up to you and realize that your tattoos are actually 2D—but a person like that is rare. Most will assume that they are natural eyebrows with makeup added, which is common for most women! The extra shadows allow the image to pop and can fool others for months or even years. It’s an excellent way of reclaiming your image and expressing yourself to others in the literal sense.

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Eyebrow Tattoo Accents

While makeup and 3D eyebrow tattoos can look dazzling without throwing their identity of tattoos in your face, eyebrow tattoo accents forgo the absence of your eyebrows, and instead focus on highlighting one of your best features. These people love the natural shape of their eyebrows and use it to their advantage. Accents can look similar to eye shadow or makeup, or they can go the route of regular tattoos and involve lines, dots, quotes, and more.

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For those who do choose to shave their eyebrows, they can replace their eyebrows with a design, rather than something that looks like the real thing! These designs can be tribal, swirled, or abstract. While one person might replace their eyebrows with vines, the next might prefer to express themselves with circular patterns, and the next might just get some cats inked there!

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Your eyebrows are an excellent place to put words of strength that define you. Placed above your brow, large and proud, other people can see it right away and know what you’re about. The only disadvantage of these tattoos is that many employers may not enjoy them. They can be seen as unprofessional or a distraction in the work place. Which, in my opinion, is absolute bologna. If you do find yourself wanting a tattoo that does not look like it is makeup or 3D, I would recommend getting it after you find a steady job for yourself. Once the job is secured, there is no way for them to judge you for your tattoo…legally speaking, anyways.

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Tattooed eyebrows: Yay or Nay?

If you end up shaving your eyebrows, you will have to deal with another disadvantage. Your eyebrows serve as a sort of umbrella for your eyes, pushing water away from your eyes and preventing dirt and debris from entering them. If you’re not ready for that detrimental effect, I wouldn’t recommend shaving them. There are plenty of ways to give yourself amazing tattooed eyebrows. Eyebrow tattoos are a way of choosing how you emote to others and what kind of expressions you would like to display. They make your reactions private and hidden, without making others wary of you. Done correctly, they can look amazing and accent who you are!

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