Tattooed Models of Colorado

Tattooed Models of Colorado

When people think of the majestic state of Colorado, plenty of things immediately come to mind—the Rocky Mountains, craft beer, 300+ days of sunshine, and the state’s fairly recent legalization of recreational marijuana usage.

While all of these things are attractive and cause people to flock to this fascinating state, a world of beauty and intrigue can also be found in Colorado’s alternative and tattooed models. Found in every corner of the state, striking women in Colorado have plenty of renowned shops to obtain killer ink—and they take full advantage of it.

Today, we’re going to get a closer look into the lives of three stunning and accomplished tattooed models, all who call the great state of Colorado their home.

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Cassidy Hara, aka Insatiably Chevy

Cassidy Hara has been modeling for roughly nine years and has “had tattoos since the beginning.” She says, “Sometimes it was difficult finding work, as many didn’t want people with tattoos, but I kept at it and found those that saw [my tattoos] as beautiful as I did. I have had some photographers try to be sneaky and edit my tattoos out of pictures without my consent and I made sure to let them know that I couldn’t trust them to work with them again.” When a person has put thought, time, and money into getting amazing ink work, it would be insulting to have a photographer attempt to edit out your tattoos—and especially without permission.

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Hara’s accomplishments in the world of alternative and tattooed models include a second place for female tattoo side piece at the World’s Largest Tattoo and Art Convention, second place for Tattoo Babe in Denver for her black light tattoo, and second place in a make-your-own bikini contest. For the last one, the prize was $100 toward a tattoo which, “bought me my compass tattoo.”

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Hara states that she’s “passionate about getting tattooed because of many reasons. I love that I have a piece of art that will last my lifetime. I like to collect tattoos and different styles from different artists. Each tattoo has a story. And they are great conversation pieces.” Despite any frustration or controversy she’s encountered as a tattooed model, she freely admits, “I love what I do, [and] jump at any chance I can to show off my beauties and see other amazing pieces of art!”

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Savannah Lee, aka Sincerely Freakish

Another one of Colorado’s finest inked ladies is Savannah Lee. Lee says, “I’ve always been around people with tattoos for most of my life, so they were always fairly normal for me. I did, and have always liked this idea that you can decorate and customize yourself. I’ve always been a really huge fan of art in all forms, and the idea that you can turn yourself into this sort of walking, talking art gallery, I just love.” She’s not alone in believing that tattoos constitute great artwork, when executed properly.

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No stranger to anything possibly considered odd or non-mainstream, Lee openly states, “I’ve been active in my alternative, possible gothish/punk lifestyle my whole life, whereas the modeling is a much more recent thing. When I first started out trying to model when I was 20, and it didn’t turn out too well for me—I was very awkward, and didn’t know what I was doing. Now I’m slightly less awkward, and have a much better idea of what I’m trying to do,”—which is apparent in the amazing imagery she’s created with photographers Ian Thomas, Brandon Nixon, and Bella Nox (all featured here).

tattooed models of colorado 4sincerely freakish

tattooed models of colorado 3sincerely freakish


Amanda Richter, aka Miss Amanda

Finally, meet Miss Amanda Richter. An alternative and tattooed model since 2010, Richter has dabbled in all sorts of modeling, from car shows and bike rallies, to fight nights, runway shows, conventions, and countless photo shoots. Though she actually started modeling in 2007, Richter didn’t have any ink when she began; she says she “came out the tattoo closet in 2010.” Like other models with tattoos, Richter felt the backlash from people who didn’t deign to accept her lifestyle choices. She explains, “Colorado has been a tough industry to break [into] the tattoo scene, although it has become more acceptable and I do see girls doing all the runway gigs and the fashion end of things [both with and without tattoos].” When it comes to getting her own ink, Richter says, “I have no intentions of stopping. Like it or not, I’m just being me.”

tattooed models of colorado 00miss amanda

tattooed models of colorado 0miss amanda


Determined not to get hung up in negativity, Richter speaks highly of her experience as an alternative model. “I really enjoy meeting new people; [there are] some really creative and fun souls out there just like me! Dressing up and being someone different for a few hours is totally fun. [You get to see] yourself in a new light.”

tattooed models of colorado 1miss amanda


As if there weren’t already enough remarkable reasons to plan a trip to Colorado, now you have three more.

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  1. Thank you for including my photograph of the beautiful Cassidy Hera….and more so for recognizing her as the great model and personality she is. I’ll be sure to keep up with your blog.

    Thanks again
    Tim Ellis – French Quarter Photography


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