Taurus Tattoos

Taurus Tattoos

Those born under the sign of Taurus are independent, patient, and self-indulgent. Likewise, they know appropriate times to hold back or when to spoil themselves. Taurus personalities find it hard to invest in tattoos, thanks to their frugality, but the choice does make a difference. Taurus tattoos show others your generous, dependable, and relatable traits—in other words, the perfect friend or life-long lover.

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Taurus Tattoos Meaning

Arguably, the myths behind the constellation go back farther than the Greek renditions. In Egypt, it represents Osiris and Isis, both of whom are associated with the sun. The sun is depicted as being held between its horns. To the Greeks, Taurus was yet another transformation of Zeus. This time, he had his eye on a princess that was chilling on the beach with her friends. He appeared as a gentle white bull, lured the princess onto his back, and then whisked her away to Olympus. They had three children together, and the first of them was called Minos. You probably recognize him from his nickname—The Minotaur.

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Taurus Tattoos For Men

The determination and ferocity of a bull translates well into a masculine tattoo. Getting a tribal-style Taurus tattoo accents your body’s form, while a realistic rendition of Taurus appears a little more impressive. The only downside to realistic Taurus tattoos is that they are a bit more expensive.

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Taurus Tattoos For Females

As a traditionally masculine symbol, finding a Taurus tattoo designed for females is difficult. Most artists focus on the symbol of Taurus, rather than the actual bull. The curves can be combined with other symbols, such as the moon or some flowers, to make the design more feminine. If you’re fine with showing your fiercer side, a tribal depiction or a stylized version of the bull might be better suited to you.

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As someone who puts their needs before their wants, getting a tattoo might seem like a bit of a splurge. You should think of it as an investment. In other words, the tattoo shows off beauty for the rest of your life. Compared to its lifetime value, Taurus tattoos prove very affordable, and they show everyone your dependability and friendliness without a word.

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