The Truth About Tattoos in America

The Truth About Tattoos in America

Today we stumbled upon this infographic on Nerdgraph. It’s not exactly brand new (2012) but it’s still pretty representative!

Did you know that more women than men get tattooed? Did you know that Miami is the most tatted up city in the US? Did you know that 21% of US Americans are tattooed? Somehow that doesn’t seem to be a sub culture anymore isn’t it? This is not intended to open a debate about the cultural position of tattooing, not at all! This is more food for thoughts! If a topic involves more than one fifth of a countries population, we wouldn’t consider that to be a sub culture anymore…

Fascinating is also what feeling people get from their ink. 36% of people say they feel “more rebellious” and 31% of them feel “sexier”. Both we understand! Although Miami is the most tatted city in the US, the West Coast is more “tattooed”.

Something which might be of interest for a larger audience are the tattoo prices. We did write an article about how much do tattoo cost, but given the amount of variables involved (location, time, complexity, artist…) there is no clear answer to this. But the infographic reveals that the average tattoo artist in America takes about $45 for a small tattoo and $150 per hour. Larger tattoos easily take several hours (for example “The Rock” Dwayne Johnson Polynesian Tattoo was reported to have taken about 60 hours).

There are tons of more fascinating facts listed in this great infographic! Enjoy them!

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