Tiger Tattoo Designs | 25 Absolutely Inspiring and Fearless Tattoos

25 Absolutely Inspiring and Fearless Tiger Tattoo Designs

The Bengal Tiger is one of the most beautiful animals on the planet. Its equal parts grace and ferocity make it a charming enigma and well suited to ink designs. Their natural bold stripes and single orange color mean that it is easy to stylize them as a tattoo. The symbol of the tiger is also filled to the brim with symbolism and deeper meaning than just a beautiful appearance. In today’s article, we’ll be talking about all kinds of Tiger Tattoo Designs!

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The Meaning of Tiger Tattoos

The symbolism behind this frightening animal changes depending on where you go. In China, it is said that five tigers rule the elements. The white tiger rules Metal, the black tiger rules Water, the blue tiger rules Earth, the red tiger rules Fire, and the yellow tiger rules the Sun. This is very similar to the tale of the Four Symbols, where there are four animals that rule the cardinal directions and a dragon which rules the heavens. Their colors and elements match, but only the West has the species of Tiger.

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In T’ai Chi, the tiger and dragon serve as animal versions of yin and yang. The dragon represents yang with its bold offensive capabilities, while the tiger represents yin because of its defensive and calculating nature. You need both halves to have a balanced fighting style or spiritual well-being.

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Tiger Tattoo Designs for Men & Women

In general, tigers represent ferocity, feminine power, and the untamed wild. They suit both men and women well, thanks to their masculine and feminine traits. On top of that, unlike many tattoo designs, tiger tattoo designs do not have a particular style that matches a feminine or masculine look. They are drawn realistically, like a cartoon, or like a traditional Chinese or Japanese ink painting. None of these are affiliated with a particular gender, so go wild thinking of a design!

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  1. Thanks 4 the insight into the dreamcatcher. I love to learn new things. I have a dreamcatcher on my 4arm. It has a wolf in the center with celtic knotts
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