22 Stunning Tiny Tattoos – The New Type of Body Jewelry

Big tattoos aren’t for everyone. Sometimes you want to start out with something small—just to see what a tattoo is like—or maybe you aren’t interested in using a large amount of skin in the first place. Tattoos are permanent, and large tattoos even more so. Tiny Tattoos are easily removed through laser removal, but large tattoos have a real risk of sticking around forever and leaving marks behind when they are removed. A little bit of aftercare and tattoo lotion are all a tiny tattoo needs to sink in. That’s what makes tiny tattoos awesome! On top of that, wearing a tiny tattoo is a little like wearing jewelry. It just sticks around forever and can’t fall off or get lost. They make for small, elegant tattoos for women and unique tattoos for guys. This tattoo gallery will be focusing entirely on the awesome world of tiny tattoos!

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Tiny Tattoos Designs

One of the best parts of these unique, small tattoos with meaning is that they have a limited size to work with to get their meaning across. This challenges your artist to get creative with the space available, and in turn, make some amazing and unique designs. If you just want something geometrical—like, say, a triangle—the artist will likely have a lot of experience tattooing that. Tiny tattoos offer a brief but insightful look into your character, and there is an infinite amount of variety to them. When getting a tattoo, think less about being original and more about whether something is significant to you. On top of that, if you’re worried about the tattoo location causing pain, look into lidocaine cream or numbing cream. You will only need a little of either. Here are some popular tiny tattoo ideas to get you started:

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Tiny Wrist Tattoos

Bracelet tattoo designs for women and delicate inner wrist tattoos are just some of the designs that look great as tiny tattoos. Anything with simple lines or tiny letters are classy wrist tattoos. Women and men can both make a statement with these wrist tattoos. If you are an artist working on these intricate pieces of art, make sure you find a good artist stool to sit in! Or at least a nice tattoo bed for your clients.

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Tiny Flower Tattoos

Tiny tattoos for women and bold tattoos for men, flower tattoos have different meanings depending on the flowers used. They also make for unique ankle tattoos for women. You can get the full run-down in our Flower Tattoos gallery.

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Tiny Behind the Ear Tattoos

These unusual tattoos for men and women are small by design. We have all kinds of information on them in our Behind the Ear Tattoos gallery.

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Japanese Tattoos Symbols and Meanings

A quick glance at the amount of Kanji in the Japanese and Chinese languages should give you a hint as to the infinite variety of meanings they can conjure. What English does with ten letters, Japanese can do in a single symbol. This makes kanji ideal for tiny tattoos. Just make sure to verify the meaning of the tattoo from an impartial source!

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Because the tattoo community uses a system of average tattoo prices by size and time, tiny tattoos are also bound to be the cheapest. How much does a word tattoo cost? If it’s small enough, it will be cheap! That means that these small tattoos with meaning are easily available to people of all income levels. They look amazing and indicate that you are mindful of your body, have put a lot of thought into your tattoo design, and opted for something more elegant than bold. Wear these tiny tattoos with pride!



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