Unicorn Tattoo

Unicorn Tattoo

Ready to take the next step up from glittery temporary tattoos? Today, let’s talk about unicorns! These beautiful beasts rest just beyond that line of ‘myth’ and ‘reality’—close enough for one-horned goats to exist, but too far from reality to ever meet our expectations. Art can ignore those standards of reality, though! The realm of art surpasses our expectations, just like the world of science does away with conventional pain by using lidocaine ointment. Check out more than a dozen unicorn tattoo pictures and see if any catch your eye or inspire you!


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Unicorn Tattoo Meaning

What does a unicorn symbolize? The answer changes drastically depending on the person, since unicorns carry so many different meanings! They represent magic, rarity, purity, and heroism in the oldest unicorn stories. Celtic unicorn tattoos also mean endurance, fertility, and kindness. Their fondness for virgin girls made them masculine in classic times, but that association continues to shift. Similarly, our advancements in tattoo numbing are getting rid of the stigma of skipping a ‘painful rite of passage.’


That brings us to another major meaning—gay pride! When purity shifted to a feminine trait in modern society, the unicorn became feminine with it. Because of this blurry gender line and association with tons of rainbows, the unicorn makes an awesome LGBT symbol. Within the community, the slang ‘unicorn’ can describe a (supposedly) very rare type of person, such as a bi woman looking for relationships with swingers or a gay man that desires a long-term relationship.


Lastly, a pink unicorn tattoo that fades out represents an Invisible Pink Unicorn goddess. If you can’t see her, you can’t prove that she doesn’t exist! Because the history of unicorn symbols covers so many different topics, you must never assume what a tattoo means. For all we know, a unicorn tattoo could just mean that they love The Last Unicorn book! Make sure to treat your unicorn tattoo with the best tattoo lotion during aftercare to ensure it stays bright and colorful.


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Simple Unicorn Tattoo

Sometimes we just want a small, cute unicorn tattoo. A Celtic tribal tattoo pays tribute to the classical symbolism of the unicorn, along with an art style that matches. A unicorn outline tattoo saves you the trouble of picking a style and gets the message across easily—plus, you can reference heraldic tattoo designs! If you crave a cartoony look, check out neo-traditional style unicorn tattoos! If you are an artist checking out designs, consider grabbing a specialized tattoo chair to help with your sessions. Tattoo tables also do wonders.


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Cool Unicorn Tattoos

Want a fabulous piece of art that screams confidence and coolness? The best unicorn tattoos for men and women alike all start with a concept. To avoid a unicorn tattoo fail, simply ensure that your artist can draw horses. If you want a color tattoo, check out their shading examples! Tell your artist what emotion you want to evoke and they will incorporate that into your tattoo. By focusing on emotion and form, the meaning of your unicorn tattoo becomes more apparent.


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These majestic beasts represent more than a horse with a horn attached to its head. They represent a part of our soul that we should always remember. Unicorns and magic exist through the power of pure imagination, and that same imagination can power us through the good and bad times. In our lifetime, we will all encounter evils, but we strive to remain undaunted and pure. A unicorn tattoo stands as a testament to this desire and shows the world that, no matter what it throws at us, we will take the higher road.



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