Virgo Tattoos

Virgo Tattoos

If you were born between the dates of August 22nd and September 23rd, you are a Virgo! Virgo tattoos show off the freedom of their bearers, and for men, it shows their feminine side. At the same time, people with Virgo tattoos are confident in themselves and can accurately gauge the personalities of those around them. Today, let’s go over the meaning behind the constellation Virgo and the traits of the Virgo horoscope sign. That said, I hope you’re ready to check out a lot of Virgo tattoos!

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Virgo Symbol Meaning

First, there are many different mythical origins for the constellation Virgo. Although the constellation is contained in the Greek zodiac, Virgo actually appears in star charts all across the ancient world! In fact, the two leading theories behind Virgo involve a goddess of the harvest or a goddess of justice. On one hand, Ceres has all of the typical Virgo horoscope traits, and her mythology matches the movement of the constellation Virgo.

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Every Winter, her daughter must stay with Hades, and Ceres hides herself in grief until her daughter returns. Similarly, Virgo disappears from sight as Winter approaches and reappears in Spring. On the other hand, the other theory has the goddess Astraea (also simply called ‘Justice’) as the identity of Virgo. This theory also makes sense, especially because the scales of Justice—Libra—are the next sign of the zodiac!

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Virgo Horoscope

Anyways, Virgo personalities are very analytical and observant. Just like watchful guardians, they do their best to be reliable and helpful. At the same time, other Virgo traits include loyalty and fierce resolve. As a sign aligned with justice, they always do what they think is best. Sadly, that means that they can be very stubborn and go against the grain. Despite any drawbacks, Virgo tattoos enhance the beauty and freedom of Virgo.

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Sailor Jerry pin-up girl tattoos were inspired by the tattoos of Virgo on the arms of sailors from long ago. Consequently, the symbol of Virgo can be combined with a fish, wings, a heart, and more to elaborate on the design. Getting the word ‘Virgo’ inked is straight-to-the-point, and prevents others from mistaking the sign for Scorpio. Ultimately, there are many more Virgo designs out there, each with their own personality—and one of them has your name on it!

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