Why Are We Here?

Why Are We Here?

In simple words, THIS is our new home!

You are probably here because you love tattoos (or we hope you at least really like them). Well, so do we! This blog/website started out as an “experiment,” but I will come to that later. First of all, WELCOME to Ink done Right, a home from tattoo lovers for tattoo lovers. Ink, or skin ink, is nothing else but a substitute for “tattoo.” A pretty important aspect of tattooing or getting tattooed is that it is done right. For sure, there are all kind of “rights” out there, as tattooing is an art form. So from an art point of view there isn’t something like a right or wrong, but when it comes to technical, hygienic or aftercare aspects there is a lot that can go – and does go – wrong. Ink has to be done right. That’s what this is all about. Sure, we could have redirected you to the “About Us” and hoped that you were interested in getting to know us a little bit. But my mom always told me to be friendly and introduce myself. I usually mess up the friendly part, but hey, at least I manage to do the introduction…

How Did It All Start Out?

Actually, we are more from a different technology area, not bloggers or community managers. I’m responsible for strategy and marketing, so one day I was searching for a new way to reach out to our existing readers. So I started an experiment with a Twitter account. Part of the experiment was the question of emotional engagement. What’s emotional engagement, you are asking? Don’t worry, all of that will make sense a few lines down the road. To test that emotional engagement I had to find a subject which a) attracts a big crowd, b) has to potential so speak to the crowd emotionally and c) I liked (as I would spend some time on this experiment). At that very same time I was looking to get a new tattoo. The idea was born: Let’s do a tattoo Twitter account and tweet about great tattoos. Next step, open Twitter account. But what name? @TattooIdR was not taken, it symbolized what I was about to do, and it matched after ten seconds of brainstorming. Opened, first tweet… BAM…. as I am one of those brilliant, unbelievably talented marketers, I did one single post and had millions, no, billions of followers a minute later. Nah… not exactly like that. Maybe more like a dozen of posts and two followers (Hi, Mom!).

But what happened then? I really gained organic followers within the first two to three days and they began to retweet the pictures. It worked! After about two weeks I had a few hundred followers and 20-plus daily direct messages with user pictures, questions about tattoos, requests for recommendations and so on. At that point I decided to bring the experiment over to Facebook, and there I was hammered. After about four weeks of opening a community page on Facebook we had roughly 250k likes, hundreds of shares and really high user engagement. We tested various posting, timing techniques and tools. The experiment was finished by end of 2014. Initially we’d planned to trash the Twitter account and Facebook community page and move on, but the topic was simply too much fun to deal with. Not only had we found a very active community, it was more like the subject has found us. So we stayed with community and thought about how to move it a step ahead. The answer became clear: a blog!

Who We are?

Well, for this part I’m really going to send you over to our “About Us” :). Not because I’m a lazy writer, but since there is no point in writing up the same stuff twice, or worse, copying it here and there. But in short: we’re tattoo lovers!

Where do we want to go?

Honestly, no idea. Okay, some ideas. During the first four weeks of running the Facebook and Twitter we had a lot of questions, inspirations and interactions with our already existing (small) community. And that was a lot of fun! But with Facebook or Twitter’s direct messages, you can’t explain a lot. And we had tons of questions being asked. One purpose of this blog is answer those questions. The first blog posts will be dedicated to those topics we’ve already received questions for. Besides giving you answers and insights, we also want to inspire you with great tattoo designs and ideas. A bit farther down the road we would like to address a bigger issue we came across. We are asked quite often how and where to get a tattoo. We aim to be able to provide those community members with a referral to a nearby (and good) tattoo parlor. There aren’t any precise plans how to do that yet, but you are a tattoo artist you can already help us by signing up to our newsletter and ticking the “I’m a tattoo artist” checkbox.

What Can You Expect From Us?

IdR – Ink done Right. That’s what it’s all about. You can expect an honest opinion from us. Given our former professional lives, we are used to researching and analysing a broad variety of topics. But we won’t always be dead serious. Nope, for sure not. This is a passion and an art. And all of have passed the age where we either believed nothing or all has to be taken drop-dead seriously. So you can expect us to be honest with a good sense of humor.

A very warm welcome to all our readers! We are happy to have you with us and we really hope you’ll enjoy what you see and read on this site. Leave any comment or feedback you like, sign up for the newsletter to stay in touch (no, we won’t spam you!), and we are looking forward to feeling the same passion and engagement on this blog as we felt on the social media!

Well, this is why we are here! Thank you for reading our very first blog post!