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Womens Tattoos

Womens Tattoos

Not so long ago, no one saw or discussed womens tattoos on a large scale. In modern society, however, the talk concerning womens tattoos shifted into high gear. As women in the modern world emerge from a highly patriarchal reign, the need for womens tattoos grows. Even though womens tattoos existed in the past, women rarely showed off their art in the mainstream until recently.

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Womens Tattoo Designs

While tattoo designs work for both genders, women often choose designs that are different from the ones chosen by men. The attribute of motherhood plays into many womens choice for ink, and women may select any image that personally represents their distinctive bond with their offspring; this might be the shared love of a story they tell their kid, or the child’s birth flower or birthstone. Some women even opt for art that was made by their son or daughter to have forever as a permanent tattoo piece.

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Aside from motherhood tattoos, womens tattoo designs often involve flowers, nature, swirls, and other feminine designs. Women at large fancy lipstick, high heels, and other imagery, such as butterflies or stars. Often, women prefer soft lines of work, or lighter colors and shades in their tattoos than men. Of course, all women hold different tastes in design, so black and white tattoos stay on the table for some. Clearly, the world of womens ink remains diverse.

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Womens Tattoo Ideas

Like women themselves, womens tattoos run the whole range of quality—from gorgeous to gory. To top it off, women large base their tattoos on their own personal experience and interests. Many women take their ideas for ink from a hardship in life, in example the passing of a loved one, a divorce, or other personal tragedies they successfully weathered and wish to commemorate. The pain of a tattoo helps a person to deal with—and move beyond—emotional suffering.

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Largely, women pull their tattoo ideas from their personal interests in life. From books to music and art, to the jobs women choose to undertake, womens tattoos look as unique and beautiful as their wearers.

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Womens Tattoo Placement

While women certainly pick any part of their bodies for tattoos, some spots look spectacular. Among these, the middle of the lower back, the shoulder, and the inside of the wrist work best.Today, when society accepts ink on all people, women explore the world of chest pieces and full sleeves of art. Recently, large upper thigh pieces also gained popularity on many inked ladies

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Gallery of Womens Tattoos

Check out the variety of work on the women in the gallery below and also take a look at our Script Tattoo Fonts Article and Gallery!



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