Zodiac Tattoos

Zodiac Tattoos

For those of you proud of your horoscope, Zodiac tattoos are an excellent way to showcase your origins. Compatibility with others can change depending on your sign, so this also gives others a clear indication of your personality and quirks before you even speak to them! It’s also a good conversation starter—there are many other people who take their zodiac sign seriously and recognize the signs of others. Today’s article focuses on every zodiac sign, and gives ideas for each type of tattoo.


Pisces Tattoos

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February 20-March 20

In Greek mythology, Gaia called the father of all monsters to destroy Aphrodite and Eros. In order to escape detection, the gods turned into fish and hid in the sea. We have records of Egyptians knowing an older tale involving the two fish of Pisces, but those original tales are lost to time. A Pisces person is known to be adaptable, imaginative, accepting, and compassionate. Unfortunately, their flighty attitude can cause bursts of drama, laziness, and indecisive behavior. They love to be independent and seek out friendship, but their mysterious air can sometimes hinder their attempts at love. They might be romantic, but they react poorly to changes in their lifestyle.

Pisces tattoos usually focuses on the two fish aspect of the pair, with the symbol for Pisces in the middle. One fish is usually orange, while the other is teal—which is mostly an aesthetic decision, since they were given no distinct description in the mythology. The prevalence of koi fish in tattoos means that many of the fish are koi, despite the fact that they aren’t native to the Mediterranean.

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Aquarius Tattoos

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January 21 – February 19

Aquarius people are clever innovators, able to make good comebacks on the fly and invent unique contraptions for furthering the human race. Because of their work ethic, they tend to be aloof and disregard the norms of society. Their serious attitude towards their ideas can sometimes make them seem like unemotional robots, which means that they need their space if they want to get anything done. While they are incredibly adventurous and rarely jealous, they are quite demanding of others and set the bar high for any potential lovers. One mistake, and they’ll move on to a new adventure.

The image itself is Ganymede, a beautiful boy who captured the heart of Jupiter (better known as Zeus). He whisked the boy away to heaven and he has worked as a cupbearer there ever since. The river of Aquarius is poured out from his cup in the heavens. Because of the abstract nature of Aquarius, most Aquarius tattoos focus on the appearance of the sign itself—two jagged lines that resemble the rapids of a river. While some people opt to put the figure of a man pouring out a river, most choose a female to do it instead.

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Capricorn Tattoos

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December 23 – January 20

Capricorns are the most loyal, patient, and dedicated type of personality. Because their devotion takes effort, they are very wary of others who might betray them. They also might take up a holier-than-thou attitude when dealing with others and push ideas that are less than ideal when asked to come up with a solution to a task.

The sign of Capricorn represents the legendary hippocampus (or sea-goat) Pricus, who was created by the god of time. Like his predecessor, he can manipulate time and reason as well as a human or god. The children of Pricus enjoy sunbathing on beaches, but if they lay too long on land, their fish tail and intelligence dry up, and they just become regular goats. Pricus tries to save his children by winding back time, but they end up swimming to shore anyways. He eventually stops when he realizes that he cannot control the fate of his children, and he goes to Chronos to beg for death, unwilling to see his children turn into goats. Chronos refused, and instead chose to move the father into the sky as a constellation, so that he could watch over his children without becoming a goat himself.

Since Capricorn is a member of a whole species, many tattoos take from other tales or myths that involve Hippocampi. This includes Celtic tales of Selkies and Satanist tales of river goats. For those that stick to the original sign, they usually draw an abstract version of Capricorn that takes inspiration from tribal design. They might also choose the bust of a goat, with the horns pointing straight back to distinguish it from a bust of Aries. The symbol itself is also recognizable without any kind of design tweaks.

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Sagittarius Tattoos

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November 23 – December 22

Sagittarius personalities are wise, thoughtful, and reflective. They seek out the answers to problems of themselves and others, and they are known to muse over the slightest of things. They also tend to be lucky, which makes them rather impulsive when it comes to buying things or exploring new territory. The constellation represents Chiron, a centaur known for his wisdom. He advised many heroes on their adventures, but ended up shot with a poisoned arrow on accident. Unable to die because of his immortality, he offered to shoulder the pain of Prometheus, who was being eternally punished for his role in the rise of man. Things couldn’t hurt any more, right? Because of his selflessness, Zeus chose to place his image in the stars so that he could be remembered forever.

Sagittarius tattoos are pretty straightforward: they either have a bow and arrow, the sign of Sagittarius, or the image of a centaur shooting his bow.

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Aries Tattoos

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March 21 – April 20

While many people point to Ares as the personality behind the constellation, the actual Aries is a different entity entirely. He was a ram covered in golden fleece that flew throughout Colchis, never resting long enough for mere mortals to shear it. Aries represents energy, fruitfulness, leadership, and naivety. Like their ram counterpart, they face challenges head-on and do their best to come out on top. This can lead to destructive behaviors that hurt others.

Tattoos of Aries depict the front half of a ram, with the horns curved around its ears to distinguish it from Capricorn. This curved design lends itself well to tribal styles. The image of a ram’s skull is also popular, especially because of its association with strength and the wild west.

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Taurus Tattoos

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April 21 – May 21

Despite being a Greek sign, Taurus is heavily associated with Egyptian mythology. Namely, a bull represented both Osiris and Isis, and was associated heavily with the sun. This is because the sun was traditionally believed to be held between the horns of a bull. As far as Greek stories go, Zeus decided to disguise himself as a handsome bull to woo a beautiful mortal girl he had a liking to. He was kind enough that he fooled the girl into getting on his back, and once she was there, he raced away into the sea and…well, I guess you could say they lived happily ever after on the island of Crete.

Taurus signs are known for their persistence, generosity, and loyalty. They also tend to be stubborn and adamant. Like Aries, tattoos are mainly busts or tribal renditions of a bull.

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Gemini Tattoos

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May 22 – June 21

Gemini is based on the twins, Pollux and Castor. Zeus seduced a queen, and one of her sons came out mortal, while the other one was immortal. Castor ended up killed, and Pollux offered his immortality to Zeus in order to save his twin brother. To keep them together, Zeus opted to transform them into a constellation. Gemini signs are energetic and devious. They depend on others emotionally and can sometimes get a little restless.

Gemini tattoos focus on dualities, just as Libra tattoos do. They can depict an angel and devil, happiness and sadness, the sun and the moon, water and fire, and more.

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Virgo Tattoos

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August 22 – September 23

There are tons of pretty ladies that appear in mythology, so figuring out which one it is exactly is difficult. The best contender is Ceres, which is also associated with a harvest. She only appears in the sky during harvest season, when she can spend time with her daughter. Every winter, her daughter leaves for Hades, and Ceres quits working until she gets back. Virgos are analytical, precise, and do their best to be helpful. They can sometimes be a little too helpful, and appear fussy, doubtful, or annoying. They also despise changing things up, and if they don’t get their way, they become cold towards others.

Virgo is arguably the first zodiac sign to grace someone’s skin. The tattoo of a lady was the closest sailors got to a pin-up girl while they were out at sea, so it was an essential purchase. If they’re not focusing on a beautiful lady, Virgo tattoos depict the sign—an M, with a…fish-shaped attachment on the end.

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Scorpio Tattoos

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October 24 – November 22

Back in the day, Orion was the best hunter around. Unfortunately, he boasted that he could kill every creature in the world, and this annoyed the gods. They created a giant scorpion that he could not possibly kill, which chases him eternally in the sky. When Zeus eventually became sympathetic towards the guy, he placed the two on opposite sides of the sky, so that they would never bother each other again. Scorpio signs are passionate, dynamic, and resourceful. They are good at noticing what others think and do. This means that they are capable of becoming manipulative and jealous—bad news for any potential lovers.

Even without the mythology, Scorpio makes for a wicked tattoo. Tattoo artists can go wild with a beautiful, photorealistic design that seems to pop off the skin, or they can go for a more tribal look that creates an intimidating appearance. The sign for Scorpio is an M, with one end pointed like a scorpion’s tail.

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Libra Tattoos

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September 24 – October 23

Libra is the scale that Justice uses to weigh someone’s crimes against their good deeds. Justice is literally blind, and uses her scales to fairly judge any circumstance. Libra personalities are diplomatic and hospitable, but their heightened sense of ideals means they can be a little idealistic and superficial.

Libra tattoos focus on dualities. They have one element on the left of the scale and another on its right. This can be fire and ice, an angel and a devil, or even a heart and a feather—to represent an Egyptian equivalent.

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Leo Tattoos

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July 23 – August 21

Leo is the strongest Summer sign, blessed by both the element of fire and the sun. Leos are ferocious and confident, able to lead their pride to sure victory. They tend to be a little too competitive and can be annoying to deal with in the workplace. Their vanity also leads to drama all the time. The mythology behind Leo is very straightforward—it was killed by Hercules as the first of 12 Labors. It was larger than regular lions and impervious to weapons. That didn’t stop Hercules from wrestling it with his bare hands.

Leo’s mane makes for excellent tribal tattoos, and photorealistic lions are incredibly impressive. If that doesn’t work, the symbol will—it’s a small circle with a cat-like tail.

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Cancer Tattoos

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June 22 – July 22

Cancer was a giant crab defeated by Hercules. Despite that impressive-sounding resume, it wasn’t a grand battle. Hercules just accidentally stepped on it while fighting the Hydra. Hera felt so bad at Cancer’s silly demise that she placed the crab into the stars. Another version of the tale involves a giant, immortal crab named Crios that guarded the gates of Poseidon’s kingdom. When the crab sustained heavy injuries, but could not die, Poseidon placed it in the stars out of pity. Seeing a pattern, here? The poor thing can’t catch any slack. Cancer personalities are moody, which means they have both highs and lows. They tend to be romantic and loyal, making them the ideal monogamous partners to settle down with.

Cancer’s symbol is a 69 tipped on its side. To avoid confusion, many artists choose to place the symbol directly in the middle of a crab, ensuring that others recognize it as an astronomical symbol, rather than anything else. The symbol also hides easily within tribal designs.

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So, whether you’re doing this to show off your sign or simply decorate yourself with a bit of art, there are plenty of options for each different sign of zodiac tattoos. You can look forward to seeing more individual articles in the next few weeks that focuses on individual zodiac sign tattoos at InkDoneRight!



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